Security lights installed, serviced and maintained in Wymondham, Norwich, Cromer and Dereham.

Whether the Security lighting is for your Home or Business A.M. UK Security can provide you with a solution to help keep you and your property safe.

Security lighting can be a great way to deter intruders or criminal activity on your premises, whether it be residential, industrial or commercial. It can help increase your feeling of safety and security.

Security lights are not just for deterring criminals they also make it safer for you, employees and visitors. Some security lights are activated by sensors such as PIRs (passive infrared sensors), only switching on when a person approaches. Other security lights can be activated by photo cells to enable them to switch on when it gets dark ideal for parking areas.

We can offer various types of security lighting from low energy lights including new L.E.D’s (light emitting diode), halogen lamps, HID (high-intensity discharge) and Sodium lamps.

A.M. UK security installers of GJD security lighting solutions, which allow you to centrally monitor and control all your security lighting.