Fire Alarm Systems

Effective fire detection and alarm warning systems are a key component of risk management for any commercial, public or multi-occupancy premises. As a business, you’ll need to be able to prove that your system is fit for purpose and has been properly maintained.
We provide fire alarm and detection solutions to commercial, industrial and residential properties.
We specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of fire detection systems for businesses and commercial properties. Our fully-trained design team have the experience to ensure that your system will meet the possible highest standards. We are absolute in our credentials so you can be rest assured that we’ll get the job done right.
Our company specialises in the design and installation of wired fire detection systems, alerting you to the first signs of fire and smoke.
Our range of fire detection systems include fire alarm control panels, detectors, sounders, call points and remote signaling equipment to alert the fire brigade. We also provide fire refuge area systems for buildings which have them. Through stringent regular maintenance inspections, our engineers ensure the continued protection of your premises, including inspection of any changes to building layout to make sure the audible alarm is still at a sufficient decibel reading.
We as a company are very fortunate to have a very close knit team of staff that are efficient and professional in what they do. Everybody that works for us is very aware that we would not exist without our customers and that’s why we all do our very best to ensure that we provide only the very best service to set us apart from our competitors.
Our Fire detection systems includes:
Heat and smoke detectors
Break glass call points
Fire control panels
Electronic sounders
Fire bells
Door releases
Auto dialers
Why you should Choose Our Security Systems for Fire Detection and Alarms
Any type of system available for your needs, including addressable and manual systems
Design and installation of wired and wireless fire detection systems
Systems designed to detect aspiration, heat and smoke
Whether the work is for a completely new installation or upgrading an existing system, we firmly believe that strong communication between the client and ourselves is key to making any job run smoothly.