Alarm Monitoring

A.M.UK Security provide monitored alarms to homes and businesses across Norfolk. A monitored alarm gives you piece of mind that your system is always under the watchful eye of our alarm monitoring centre.

A monitored alarm is as the name says an alarm which is monitored by our alarm receiving centre,

Through our NSI Gold Approved Alarm Receiving Centre (Southern Monitoring Services) we provide 24 hour Alarm Monitoring. As a commitment to provide the highest standards in monitoring services the Alarm Receiving Centre is accredited to British Standard 5979 Category II and ISO 9000 and further complies with existing British and European standards e.g. BS EN 50131, PD6662 etc they respond to alarm activations, faults, fire signals and can also dispatch the Police or Fire Brigade to the premises. They also keep a log of any activity with the alarm such as what time it was set and by who.

We use communication devices from market leaders Webway in order to give great performance and reliability. There are two main types of communication from Grade 1 to Grade 4 approved by the UK insurers.

• Single path communication (connects through one form of communication)
• Dual path communication (two paths of communication so if one fails you still have comms)

With a monitored alarm you will be part of our maintained customer database and benefit from reduced prices on servicing and repairs